Drug Defense Attorney In Tucson, Arizona


Even possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use can be charged as a felony that carries with it the possibility of massive fines and substantial time behind bars. If you have been accused of a drug offense, your future is on the line. You need an experienced lawyer on your side.


At The Law Office of Douglas W. Taylor in Tucson, we have more than 17 years of experience. Over the years we have developed an arsenal of criminal defense strategies that have proven effective in fighting drug charges. From challenging the legality of drug-related traffic stops, to bringing up issues of constructive possession versus actual possession, to examining whether the weights and substances reported matched what was actually there, we will look for every opportunity to overcome the charges against you.


We Provide Defense Against All Drug Charges


We defend against charges involving marijuana, peyote, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and all other illegal drugs. We also defend against charges involving prescription drugs. Arizona imposes weighty penalties for drug-related offenses, and we’re prepared to fight hard on your behalf. You can turn to us for dedicated representation if you have been accused of:


  • Drug possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug sale, possession for sale, or trafficking
  • Drug cultivation or manufacturing


Methamphetamine is a serious issue in the state of Arizona, According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, there has been an increase meth seizures by an alarming amount. A 72% increase in seizures signifies two things: that meth is widespread, and that law enforcement is actively pursuing methamphetamine sale, use, trafficking, and production in Arizona.


Methamphetamine use can result in death, and its addiction potential is significant. If you’re facing methamphetamine possession charges, allow us to defend you. We can help you explore your options, one of which may be a rehabilitative program if you live in a county that so permits.


Dealing With Drug Related Incidents


When dealing with drug-related traffic stops, the best policy is to avoid incriminating yourself. You only need to answer questions related to your identity and the status of the vehicle. For all other questions, you can politely and respectfully decline to answer before you’ve spoken to an attorney. In a perfect world, you knew those things before you were stopped. If you didn’t, don’t lose all hope.


Drug-related traffic stops are similar to DUI stops in that the equipment the law enforcement offers use, as well as the notes taken, need to be able to be verified for complete accuracy. The same goes for drugs seized by any other means. Drugs seized must be weighed because different amounts of certain drugs can change the class of the felony charge, or can mean mandatory prison time.


Marijuana, for example, carries different penalties if the total amount is less than two pounds. If the amount of marijuana in your case is slightly over two pounds, this weight difference can be the result of a faulty scale. Different weights of different drugs can bring about more severe charges, which is why accuracy in amount is of the utmost importance and can be challenged in the event that there appears to be discrepancies.


The statement will also contain information about what drugs were found and in what quantities. This report has to match what was actually confiscated. Any mistakes, especially if they are significant, can make law enforcement’s reporting unreliable. The information needs to be thoroughly vetted for accuracy and disputed where incorrect, and we will review this information with you.


Addiction Should Not Be A Crime


One of the most important reasons to choose an attorney who really knows the system is to ensure that you are able to take advantage of every possible opportunity. A drug charge does not always have to end in jail time if the circumstances allow for alternative routes. In drug crime cases, one of those opportunities is drug court.


Drug court exists as an alternative to the typical criminal court process. The goal is to help people who have become addicted to drugs get treatment, rather than just punish them. People who run into trouble with drugs, particularly use and possession, are struggling with a serious health problem.


Drug addiction involving either illegal or prescription drugs is dishearteningly prevalent across the country. We’re facing an opioid crisis, and the problem didn’t happen overnight. So many people lack the resources they need to be able to manage their addictions and take back their lives – treating them like mere criminals is only setting them up for failure. Drug addicts are rarely enjoying their lives of addiction – they’re suffering every day.


By locking affected individuals up in jail, the problem isn’t being treated. The individual isn’t receiving the proper medical care or recovery services they need to reclaim their lives. Since drug addiction ruins lives, it’s important to consider drug-related cases from all aspects. If you fall under that umbrella, drug court may be an option for you.


Drug court is only available in some counties in Arizona, including Pima County. We know when this option may be available and we know how to help you take advantage of it if it’s an appropriate solution in your particular case. Fighting to get people the help they need is just as important as helping them handle criminal charges. It’s something we take seriously, because we’ve helped people facing drug addiction see successful outcomes in drug court. We know the difference it makes.


Drug Offenses Are Felonies


In Arizona, even the possession of a small amount of marijuana is considered a felony. If it’s a small amount for personal use, it’s a Class 6 felony. While Class 6 felonies are the lowest level of felony, they still carry the same kind of weight on a criminal record. Some drugs, primarily those considered dangerous, can be considered Class 4 felonies. These kinds of felonies can carry harsh punishments.


If you’ve been convicted of a felony, living your life becomes much more difficult. It’ll come up on background checks, and can affect your ability to have a successful career. If you’ve lived with addiction that resulted in a drug-related felony, this adds insult to injury. Not only were you suffering as a result of your addiction, but your past mistakes can prevent you from living the fruitful future you deserve to live.


That’s why it’s so important to fight drug charges. We care about the people we represent, and we want to see them get back on the right track. We’re willing to fight ruthlessly in order to prevent you from having a drug-related felony following you around for life. It’s embarrassing, and it’s a painful subject to talk about if you find yourself in the position of having to explain it.


It’s well worth the time and energy we’re able to put into your case simply to lift the weight off of your shoulders. We’ve handled a wide variety of drug-related felonies, and we’re able to tailor our methods to suit the particulars of a case. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work with anything in life – much less something as serious as a potential felony conviction.


Free Consultations With An Experienced Drug Defense Attorney


If you’re dealing with drug charges or you’re researching on behalf of someone who is, call us now or use our simple contact form located above. We can schedule flexible free consultations, and we even offer consultations at the jail for a small fee to go over the details and prepare the best possible strategy for you.


We’re available around the clock, because we know how important it is to quickly obtain an aggressive defense attorney. You can call us any time, day or night, every day of the week. The sooner you reach out, the sooner we can help you get your life back to normal.