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Different Types Of Crimes And The Way The Law Treats Them


Crimes are not treated equally in Arizona unless they are identical. They fall into different classes. Some crimes will never be a misdemeanor while others will never be a felony. In general, the law evaluates the factual situation and its surrounding circumstances in order to make a determination of how to classify a criminal action. The Four Categories Of Crimes There are hundreds of individual crimes, but each of them fall under a single category. Those categories contain the crimes and variables of those crimes. Circumstantial factors (and sometimes the criminal history of the individual being charged) exponentially expand their meanings and...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Embezzlement Laws In Arizona


Embezzlement is typically considered to be a white-collar crime. The simple definition of embezzlement is when one person takes or spends another person’s (often a company’s) money without permission. Embezzlement is essentially a variant of theft. Embezzlement is a crime, but there are plenty of scenarios where an individual dealing with accusations of embezzlement don’t understand what’s going on. Unlike normal theft, which is committed intentionally, some people accidentally embezzle. If you’re under investigation for embezzlement or facing embezzlement charges, you need to learn as much as you can. You also need an attorney who knows how to help you keep...

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What Are Fraud Charges?


Fraud is a very serious crime, and if you’re convicted, its connotations can follow you for the rest of your life. Even if you were falsely accused of fraud, people may be hesitant to work with you in business ventures or trust you in personal ones. Fraud charges are anxiety inducing, and they should be. If you’re facing fraud charges in Tucson, or even just accusations, you need to do as much as you possibly can to understand the gravity of the situation and proceed knowledgeably. Understanding what you’re facing will help you prepare a solid defense. The help of an...

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Minors Consuming Or Possessing Alcohol In Arizona


Arizona faces staggeringly high rates of youth drinking, and as a result, strict laws and penalties have been imposed to dissuade underage drinking. Young drivers are already more prone to accidents due to their lack of experience behind the wheel, making underage DUIs especially dangerous. It might seem complicated, particularly since the penalties are so severe, but it’s relatively straightforward. People under the age of 21 are legally forbidden from purchasing or consuming alcohol, and others are forbidden from providing alcohol to underage individuals. There are some exceptions, however, and penalties vary based upon the alcohol-related crime. Exceptions To The Rules There...

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Penalties For Marijuana Possession, Use, Or Possession For Sale In Arizona


Arizona considers marijuana to be separate from any other kind of drug – it is neither a dangerous drug nor a narcotic. Marijuana charges are simple – the law says you cannot knowingly possess or use marijuana. Though even simple possession can be charged as a felony, it’s usually charged as a misdemeanor in the state of Arizona. The penalties depend on the type of marijuana-related charge and the amount of marijuana involved. The Difference Between Possession And Possession For Sale Possession of marijuana encompasses marijuana in its pure form or any derivative of marijuana. This includes THC concentrates that one...

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Legal Help For Sexual Assault Charges


Arizona law has a very clear definition of rape, or "sexual assault." Intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sexual acts on a person without their consent is sexual assault. This includes individuals who for any reason are legally or otherwise unable to provide consent. If the victim is unable to consent due to their age, the crime can be charged differently. If you’re facing sexual assault charges, you need to understand what the laws mean, the possible penalties, and how to defend yourself against these charges. How Sexual Assault Is Punished When The Victim Is An Adult The court reviews...

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What Happens When You’re Drunk In Public In Arizona?


While irritated neighbors or sober diners in Tucson may wish it was, being drunk in public is not a crime in Arizona. This doesn’t mean wandering around intoxicated is condoned or encouraged. Though you cannot be arrested solely for being drunk outside of your home, law enforcement officers still have recourse for handling intoxicated or incapacitated people. Any crimes committed by an intoxicated person are still crimes and they will likely become charges against you. Incapacitated Or Intoxicated? There is a large difference between being intoxicated and incapacitated according to Arizona law, though both involve impairment. Intoxication is simply impairment by alcohol...

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Drug Possession Charges In The State Of Arizona


If you were caught with drugs, the charges brought against you will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding the evidence. This includes the amount of drugs in evidence, as well as the types of things that were found with the drugs. The penalty also depends on the kind of drugs you were caught with. Charges range from misdemeanors to more serious felonies. Different Drugs Warrant Different Penalties The state of Arizona has different penalties for different drugs – drugs are classified into different categories, and each category has its own set of standards. Whether the drugs were for personal use or for...

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Preparing A Defense Against Arizona Theft Charges


Theft is an umbrella term that covers multiple criminal actions. Theft can be committed with or without force, and as a felony or a misdemeanor. No matter the classification of your theft charges, you’re going to need an experienced and aggressive attorney to defend you against theft charges in Tucson. The Difference Between Theft And Similar Charges There are physical and intangible kinds of theft. Stealing a car (theft of means of transportation) is different from stealing someone’s identity – identity theft is its own type of crime.  Theft implies that someone took or used something that belonged to another, without permission,...

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