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Domestic Violence

What To Do When You’re Falsely Accused Of A Domestic Violence Offense


Domestic violence victims need and deserve to feel safe and protected. The law in Tucson is designed to keep victims from finding themselves in situations where they may be harmed again. While the law is great for victims, it’s a world of trouble for individuals falsely accused of domestic violence. People who have actually committed a crime deserve the consequences – not people who are themselves the actual victims of harassment or revenge. The Prevalence Of False Allegations An estimated 700,000 people a year face false domestic violence allegations. It’s an alarmingly common phenomenon, and it costs taxpayers up to 20 billion...

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How Domestic Violence Convictions Affect People


Domestic violence convictions have the potential to dramatically complicate lives. Outside of jail time, supervised probation, and costly fines and fees, society’s perspective on domestic violence convictions will also have an affect on someone’s ability to live a full and productive life following a conviction. If you’re facing domestic violence charges in Tucson, you need to understand the full scope of what’s to come in the event that you’re convicted. What Constitutes Domestic Violence? Many types of crimes fall under the rubric of "domestic violence" offenses. In fact, "Domestic Violence" is not an offense in and of itself. It simply means that...

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How Domestic Violence Affects Gun Ownership In Arizona


Being convicted of a number of crimes causes the temporary or permanent restriction of your civil liberties. Arizona takes the suspension of firearm ownership very seriously when an individual has been convicted of a violent offense. Abiding by the terms of a sentence and completing it can lead to the restoration of the right to own a gun in Tucson. How Arizona Defines Domestic Violence Domestic violence is any number of crimes committed against individuals sharing a household, regardless of the relationship of these persons. It applies to family members, roommates, or intimate partners who live under the same roof. Not all...

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What Happens When A Restraining Order Is Violated?


What you may think of as restraining orders aren’t actually called "restraining orders" under Arizona law. The state of Arizona refers to them as Orders of Protection or Injunctions Against Harassment. The name of the Order or Injunction doesn’t make much of a difference, however. If you’re found violating such an Order, there can be serious consequences. Even though many protective orders are based on seemingly trivial, or even outright frivolous, grounds, that doesn’t in any way impact the potential consequences for failing to obey them. How Restraining Orders Work An Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment will come with specific...

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What You Need To Know When You’re Facing Domestic Violence Charges


Domestic violence related charges can be among the most serious violence-related charges. A number of offenses fall under the category of domestic violence, depending on the relationship between the defendant and alleged victim(s). If you’re facing a specific type of domestic violence charge or dealing with a complex, layered case that involves a multitude of aspects of abuse, you need to understand the charges being brought against you and how they may work in unison to create the case against you. What Constitutes Domestic Violence In Arizona While domestic violence is often generally thought of as simply spousal abuse or abuse of...

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What To Do If You’re Arrested For Domestic Violence In Tucson


Getting arrested for domestic violence is no joke no matter where you are. The stakes are especially high in states like Arizona, where there is some misunderstanding about how the domestic violence criminal laws work, as well as what types of charges can be domestic violence-related. When you’re arrested for a domestic violence-related crime, a lot of seemingly intuitive behavior can adversely affect you. In this blog post, I break down some of the most important things to remember and keep note of when you’re arrested, and what you should and shouldn’t do. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is defined primarily by the...

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Defending Against Accusations Of Domestic Violence

Across the country, laws against domestic violence continue to expand as politicians and advocacy groups become more vocal and more powerful. Often, when someone accuses an intimate partner of abuse, the court of public opinion quickly finds that person guilty well before any hearing, verdict, or sentencing can occur. If someone has accused you of domestic violence in Tucson, Arizona, you may be facing a future of uncertainty. Perhaps the mere allegation has already damaged your reputation. Your job may be on the line, as well as your ability to see your children. You Have Rights As with most violent crimes, the circumstances...

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Clarification Is Key To Avoiding Protection Order Violations

Many people in Arizona currently face challenges regarding various types of protection orders filed against them. If an incident erupted that led to police coming to your home and arresting you, the court may have already issued an emergency protection order on a short-term basis. These orders are very commonplace in situations of domestic violence. Protective orders can also be issued amongst allegations of criminal types of harassment, including stalking, or in other cases when one person has committed or threatened to commit a crime against another person. The court has several options in place to coincide with different situations that...

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