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Author: Law Office Of Douglas W Taylor

The Basics Of Drunk Driving Laws In Arizona And What You Should Do If You Are Stopped For A DUI


Arizona’s Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits There are some DUI basics that apply in every state. The Blood Alcohol Concentration limit (or BAC for short) is 0.08% wherever you’re located in Arizona. Arizona differs from most of the states in many ways, serving up some of the harshest and strictest DUI punishments and restrictions in the country. That’s why it’s so important to work with a lawyer who has vast experience handling Arizona’s unique DUI laws. An extreme DUI kicks in at a 0.15 BAC, at which point the full force of the law comes down with a fury. If your BAC is...

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Defending Against Accusations Of Domestic Violence

Across the country, laws against domestic violence continue to expand as politicians and advocacy groups become more vocal and more powerful. Often, when someone accuses an intimate partner of abuse, the court of public opinion quickly finds that person guilty well before any hearing, verdict, or sentencing can occur. If someone has accused you of domestic violence in Tucson, Arizona, you may be facing a future of uncertainty. Perhaps the mere allegation has already damaged your reputation. Your job may be on the line, as well as your ability to see your children. You Have Rights As with most violent crimes, the circumstances...

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You Do Not Have To Be Driving To Be Charged With DUI

Arizona law states that “it is unlawful for a person to drive or be in actual physical control of a vehicle” while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In other words, you do not have to actually be driving to be arrested for DUI in Tucson, Arizona. If you were in actual physical control of the vehicle, you can also be charged, convicted, and issued serious penalties, including loss of liberty (jail time). WHAT IS ACTUAL PHYSICAL CONTROL? In some ways, getting charged for DUI without driving is almost like being charged with attempting to commit a DUI, which isn’t a...

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The High Price Of A DUI Conviction

If someone invited you to a party or gathering recently, you probably made some plans before you went. You likely planned what you would wear, what time you would arrive, and what food you might bring. You probably remembered to feed the dog and to leave the porch light on in case it was dark when you got home. After making all these arrangements, you may have forgotten the most important preparation of the night. Neglecting to arrange a designated driver or other safe ride home likely brought your evening of fun to an abrupt halt. Maybe you didn’t even think...

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Clarification Is Key To Avoiding Protection Order Violations

Many people in Arizona currently face challenges regarding various types of protection orders filed against them. If an incident erupted that led to police coming to your home and arresting you, the court may have already issued an emergency protection order on a short-term basis. These orders are very commonplace in situations of domestic violence. Protective orders can also be issued amongst allegations of criminal types of harassment, including stalking, or in other cases when one person has committed or threatened to commit a crime against another person. The court has several options in place to coincide with different situations that...

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