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Author: Doug Taylor

What Happens When You’re Drunk In Public In Arizona?


While irritated neighbors or sober diners in Tucson may wish it was, being drunk in public is not a crime in Arizona. This doesn’t mean wandering around intoxicated is condoned or encouraged. Though you cannot be arrested solely for being drunk outside of your home, law enforcement officers still have recourse for handling intoxicated or incapacitated people. Any crimes committed by an intoxicated person are still crimes and they will likely become charges against you. Incapacitated Or Intoxicated? There is a large difference between being intoxicated and incapacitated according to Arizona law, though both involve impairment. Intoxication is simply impairment by alcohol...

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What You Need To Know When You’re Facing Domestic Violence Charges


Domestic violence related charges can be among the most serious violence-related charges. A number of offenses fall under the category of domestic violence, depending on the relationship between the defendant and alleged victim(s). If you’re facing a specific type of domestic violence charge or dealing with a complex, layered case that involves a multitude of aspects of abuse, you need to understand the charges being brought against you and how they may work in unison to create the case against you. What Constitutes Domestic Violence In Arizona While domestic violence is often generally thought of as simply spousal abuse or abuse of...

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Can A DUI Be Erased In Arizona?


Every state has different laws on what can and cannot be removed from a criminal record. They also have different processes by which they remove crimes. Some of them leave traces, and some of them don’t. Arizona is very particular in the way they allow records to be cleaned, or at least modified, when it comes to all crimes – not just DUIs. Most people with a DUI conviction would prefer to have it stricken from the official record entirely. Any criminal conviction can make life difficult for a person who is attempting to do anything that involves a background check,...

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Drug Possession Charges In The State Of Arizona


If you were caught with drugs, the charges brought against you will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding the evidence. This includes the amount of drugs in evidence, as well as the types of things that were found with the drugs. The penalty also depends on the kind of drugs you were caught with. Charges range from misdemeanors to more serious felonies. Different Drugs Warrant Different Penalties The state of Arizona has different penalties for different drugs – drugs are classified into different categories, and each category has its own set of standards. Whether the drugs were for personal use or for...

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Preparing A Defense Against Arizona Theft Charges


Theft is an umbrella term that covers multiple criminal actions. Theft can be committed with or without force, and as a felony or a misdemeanor. No matter the classification of your theft charges, you’re going to need an experienced and aggressive attorney to defend you against theft charges in Tucson. The Difference Between Theft And Similar Charges There are physical and intangible kinds of theft. Stealing a car (theft of means of transportation) is different from stealing someone’s identity – identity theft is its own type of crime.  Theft implies that someone took or used something that belonged to another, without permission,...

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The Most Common And Effective Defenses Against DUI


It’s never easy when you get a DUI. But it’s especially difficult in Arizona. Since Arizona has some of the most unforgiving DUI penalties in the United States, it’s crucial to have a competent DUI attorney who is familiar with effective defenses to help you fight your case. Some defenses work better than others, even if they can only reduce the penalties you face. Every case is different, but there are certain avenues that every dedicated attorney should follow when defending their client in a DUI case. Lack Of Reasonable Suspicion Officers are not allowed to conduct a traffic stop without reasonable...

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What Happens When Teens Get DUIs?


Arizona loves to party. And unfortunately, many people start partying a little too young. Youth drinking rates in Arizona are slightly higher than they are in the rest of the country. And, not coincidentally, so are underage DUI legal penalties. This creates substantial problems for parents and teens in Arizona. The consequences have the potential to be extraordinarily expensive and damaging to a teen’s future – even if no one was hurt, and even if the underage drinker only had a few sips. Arizona’s DUI Laws For Underage Drinkers Anyone under the age of 21 driving with ANY amount of alcohol...

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What To Do If You’re Arrested For Domestic Violence In Tucson


Getting arrested for domestic violence is no joke no matter where you are. The stakes are especially high in states like Arizona, where there is some misunderstanding about how the domestic violence criminal laws work, as well as what types of charges can be domestic violence-related. When you’re arrested for a domestic violence-related crime, a lot of seemingly intuitive behavior can adversely affect you. In this blog post, I break down some of the most important things to remember and keep note of when you’re arrested, and what you should and shouldn’t do. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is defined primarily by the...

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